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| Illustrator, Cel Animation
| 承閎文理


Excited to team up with Li Feng again for this Tutoring Session project! 🎨 I focused on illustrating all the scenes and helped out with a bit of Cel animation. It's been a blast working on this project! 🚀

What I Did in This Project

Illustration, Layout Design



For this project, we're using curved and geometric designs to match the middle and high school tutoring theme. Originally planned with two shots, I suggested using just one for added tension as the main character draws from left to right.

Cel Animation


This time, I helped with a bit of cel animation. Due to the complexity of designing elements for the left-to-right hand drawing, I hand-drew that part myself and provided suggestions for facial expressions and details.


Illustration: Jack Lien、Chin Kuo Chen Animation: Li Feng Zheng

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