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The Jennie show - Animation series



| Commercials & Ads

| Lead Animator, After Effect Animator, Motion Designer, Storyboard Artist
| Taiwan Plus

| Finger and Toe Animation Studio


In this animation project, I brought my experience from working on Cartoon Network shows. As the Animation Lead, I did character animations and kept everyone in the loop, giving feedback to fellow animators and artists from different departments. What's cool is I also got to manage stuff, like making sure we hit deadlines and delivering stuff on time. It was a pretty awesome and rewarding experience!

What I Did in This Project

After Effect Animator, Motion Designer


  • Produced a 10-episode character animation mini-series using a 2D animation rig in After Effects.

  • Designed project pipelines and tracked progress for efficient workflow and timely delivery.

  • Established and guided animation style, providing artistic direction to achieve the desired vision.

  • Collaborated with art, rigging, and animation teams, communicating feedback and aligning creative direction for project objectives.

  • Mentored and guided team members, fostering productivity and resolving technical and creative challenges to ensure project quality and deadlines.


The other part I really enjoyed in this project is to screen record "The Jennie moments". It means sometimes we break the Rig or found some funny pose that we can't use in the actual film.


I will use the same record method to show how to do specific acting to the other animators.


Executive Producer : Shirley Keng Supervisor : Eric Yang Production Coordinator : David Tang Copy Editor : Rath Wang Created by Michael Lalo Wong and Jasmine Wu Hanley Directors : Superdog & Kevin Lee Production Company : LUCKYSPARKS Animation Studio : Finger and Toe Written : Michael Lalo Wong / Kevin Lee / Jasmine Wu Hanley Producer : Charlie Chen Post Producer : Sunny Wu Post Producer Assistant : MU Huang Storyboard Artist : Kevin Lee / Doz Lin / How / Jack Lien Character concept design : Tsai Hsien-chen Designer : Tim Tseng / Sopedou Fu / Julia Chou Edited : Kevin Lee Animator : Jack Lien / Tyson Peng / Doris Lin Rigging Artist : olaolayuan VO Recording : Quantum Media Design Sound Designer : Michael Lalo Wong Sound Mixer : Michael Lalo Wong / Quantum Media Design

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