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This film is a 2D animation short about two characters a human boy who likes Kung Fu, and a mosquito. They interact with each other in the boy's room and the boy tried to learn Kung Fu by himself to beat the mosquito.

- Award -

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- Character Design -

/  Ben

Ben is 10 years old who is the boy really likes Kung-Fu. His favorite character in Kung Fu is Luce Bee (like Burce Lee). He wants to make the move like Luce, so he started to learn Kung-Fu.

face angle_01.jpg
pose sketch_08.jpg

I also created various charts to define how Ben would look from different angles and situations. This process helped me understand what aspects to consider when designing characters for character animation

/  Mosquito


Mosquito is a character like an old master who likes to tease the young kid. In the animation, this old master teaches Ben how to do Kung-Fu through teasing him.


Since the mosquito character appears mostly in very small scale throughout the film, I specifically designed how it would look when tiny, when flying, and also created a special pose for a close-up shot.

- Layout Design -

3d turn_01.gif

The story takes place in Ben's attic bedroom, filled with Kung-Fu decorations like posters and figurines. His walls feature posters of his favorite Kung-Fu idol, Lusce Bee, reminiscent of 70's Bruce Lee posters. I used a 3D model as the layout foundation, then added lighting and painted over it to create the final background for the animation.

- Background Design -


The film by Jack Lien Mentor: Felix Hallock, Michael Vickner, Sherrie H. Sinclair Composer: Wen Hsing Wang Sound Designer: Wen Hsing Wang Logotype: Mickey Lin

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