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The Wanted Music Video - My Sorrow



| Music Video

| Cel Animator, Compositing
| The Wanted a Cappella group


Collaborated with friends on an animated music video. We decided to blend Motion with Cel Animation for the animation after discussions. Cel Animation was used for more complex scenes. It was also my first time trying compositing, which proved to be quite challenging!

What I Did in This Project

Cel Animation, Compositing



Director​: 江柔萱 Jou Hsuan Chiang Storyboard Artist: 丰雨馨 YuXin Feng Character Design: 羅中含 Chung Han Lo Character Artist: 江柔萱 Jou Hsuan Chiang, 丰雨馨 YuXin Feng Environment Design: 黃小真 XiaoZhen Huang Environment Artist: 黃小真 XiaoZhen Huang Animation: 江柔萱 Jou Hsuan Chiang, 連振杰 Jack Lien Compositing: 江柔萱 Jou Hsuan Chiang, 連振杰 Jack Lien

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