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MUVE NPO - Look at My Way



| Music videos

| Animation Supervisor, Cel Animator, Storyboard Artist, Motion Designer, Compositor

| Finger and Toe Animation Studio


Delighted with this project! Took on diverse roles and learned heaps. As Animation Supervisor, synced visuals with the director's vision, led a team of 5, and contributed to storyboarding. Also tackled compositing for the first time. Thrilled for the opportunity to do so much!

What I Did in This Project



Break down

First time as a compositor. It's different from my usual animation work. Now, it's all about setting the mood. Got to add motion without disturbing the serene vibe, while making sure our animators' characters stand out.

Animation Directing


Supervising this project was a fantastic experience. Managing five animators taught me a lot about communication and leadership. With more focus on coordination, there was less time for actual production work. It was a unique experience, but valuable nonetheless.

Storyboard, Animatic


I'm stoked to be the storyboard artist for this project, crafting both the storyboard and animatic. Alongside bringing the director's vision to life, I infused my own ideas to nail down the perfect shots and compositions.


Production Company | LUCKYSPARKS Animation Studio | Finger and Toe Executive Producer | 高郁傑 Otis Kao Director | 林筱敏 HsiaoMin Lin Script | 林筱敏 HsiaoMin Lin Post-Production Producer | 沈富霖 Fu-lin Shen Post-Prodution Assistant | 黃牧謙 MU Huang Storyboard Artist | 連振杰 Jack Lien Character Designer | 符雅琪 Sopedou Fu Background Artist | 王天樂 Henry Wang / 符雅琪 Sopedou Fu / 林筱敏 HsiaoMin Lin Animation Supervisor | 連振杰 Jack Lien Cel Animator | 連振杰 Jack Lien / 王天樂 Henry Wang / 丁豆 DING DO / 陳羿綺 Yi Chi Chen/ 周莉亞 Julia Chou Compositor | 連振杰 Jack Lien

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