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Let's Duo it : Zenbook Duo UX8406 Animated Showcase



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| Animation Supervisor, Cel Animator, Storyboard Artist, 3D Arist

| Finger and Toe Animation Studio


This animation, created to introduce ASUS's latest computer, uses 2D hand-drawn animated characters in a 3D space, making the computer's features more engaging.

It features four characters from various professions: an entrepreneur, a fashion designer, a musician, and a financier. These diverse characters all find satisfaction through the Asus Zenbook Duo.

What I Did in This Project



Cel Animation, 3D Animation


Layout Design


During the enviroment design, we underwent various attempts, progressing from initially subtle decorations to ultimately achieving an extremely minimalistic and sleek design. This aligns with the overall mature and minimalist aesthetics.


Executive Producer | 高郁傑 Otis Kao Director | 林筱敏 HsiaoMin Lin Script | 林筱敏 HsiaoMin Lin Producer | 沈富霖 Fu-lin,Shen Producer Assistant | 黃牧謙 Mu Huang Storyboard Artist| 周莉亞 Julia Chou Animatic | 連振杰 Jack Lien(@Finger and Toe) Character Designer | 符雅琪 Sopedou Fu(@Finger and Toe) Designer | 曾子庭 Tim Tseng / 符雅琪 Sopedou Fu(@Finger and Toe) Animation Supervisor| 連振杰 Jack Lien(@Finger and Toe) Cel Animator | 林曉曼 Aastalim / 周莉亞 Julia Chou / 施謙 Adriu Didiva / 羅涴亭 Wan Ting Lo 3D Artist | 林佩暄 Pei 3D Animator | 連振杰 Jack Lien(@Finger and Toe) /林佩暄 Pei Compositor | 陳奇逸 Chiyi Chen Sound Design | 王文星 Wenhsing Wang Mixing Engineer | 王文星 Wenhsing Wang

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