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Homework Studio : Logo Aniamtion



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| 2D Animation, Design

| Homework Animation Studio


I created a lively animation for Homework Animation Studio, aiming to bring energy to the viewers. Here, I'd like to walk you through the production process, showing how we communicated with the studio step by step to sync up our visions.


Animation Thumbnail


HW-logo_concept _A.png
HW-logo_concept _B.png

I pitched two ideas initially, A and B. Eventually, we built upon idea A, which became the core concept for the final animation thumbnail.

0323_HW-logo_anm thumbnail_01.png

Final Animation Thumbnail



Once we locked down the overall visual content, I picked out a few key scenes to create styleframes. These are like previews of the final render, helping align both parties' imaginations.

Rough Animation


Next, we dove into animation, using rough animations as a communication tool to nail down the flow, timing, and actions. Once confirmed, it was onto clean-up and coloring.


All by me

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